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1000 m 80 m 150 m

Apartment 1 is located in the basement of the house. Surrounded by greenery and is located in a quiet Malinska. The house takes a dead end so that almost no traffic. There is parking space for one car. The apartment has access to a beautiful summer garden where there is a barbecue. The apartment has a terrace round the garden, toilet, bathroom, kitchen, living room, one double room and bed (in lounge). Apartment is air conditioned. The offer has to use the phone. In agreement with the owner we can rent a kayak for two, a bicycles and a crib. Accommodation for a dog is extra charged 5 € per day. Accommodation prices are equal to one or two persons. The accompanying photos will tell you much more than we did in this short text. In high season we rent only from saturday to Saturday!

PRICELIST 2022/23.

01.04.-01.05. 2 persons 40€
01.05.-01.06. 2 persons 50€
01.06.-01.07. 2 persons 60€
01.07. – 01.09. 2 persons 80€
01.09.-01.10. 2 persons 60€
01.10.-01.11. 2 persons 40€

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