Malinska is a beautiful tourist city which is located on the Northwest side of the island Krk.The distance from the Krk bridge is only 15 minutes.

History of Malinska begins arround the 15 th century when the first mill was build. It is said that by this mill the city of Malinska got her name. The area arround Malinska was and is still called Dubašnica.Malinska was the center of that area. The first houses were built in 1788, but Malinska became a tourist center in the 19 th century when the first tourist boats dock in the harbour.

There are lots of sports activities like tennis, football, diving, fishing, cycling. Since recently there is a cycling road from Malinska to Krk. There is also a rich offer of night life from various coffy shops, pubs to night clubs which are opened untill early morning hours.

If You are more interested in kulture the places you shouldn’t miss are church of Sv. Marija Magdalena in Porat and church Sv. Apolonara in Bogovići.

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